PowerUp Legal FAQ’s

Working With A PowerUp Legal Attorney

How do I get started in using PowerUp Legal?

The first step is to submit a request through the website or by calling us at  (240) 630-0839. We will review your information and match you with the PowerUp Legal attorney who is the best fit.  We’ll provide you with a link to the attorney’s profile, and the matched attorney will contact you directly to discuss the details and terms of your proposed engagement.

How many lawyers will PowerUp Legal match me with?

Once we receive your request, we’ll match you with the PowerUp Legal attorney who is the best fit for the proposed project. If that attorney is unable to accept the engagement, we’ll match you with another PowerUp Legal attorney.  If you decide, after speaking with the attorney, not to enter into a services agreement for the project, let us know and we can match you with another member.

Alternatively, if you prefer to browse our PowerUp Legal attorney profiles, you may do so [here] – and you may then contact us directly to put the PowerUp Legal attorney that you’ve chosen in touch with you.

What qualifications are necessary to become a PowerUpLegal attorney?

All PowerUp Legal attorneys have at least five years of experience in practicing energy law, either at a firm, in-house or in government. We review a writing sample, confirm each applicant’s bar registration status and disciplinary history and interview at least two references before accepting an applicant as a PowerUp Legal attorney.

How much does it cost to work with a PowerUp Legal attorney?

That’s up to you.  PowerUp Legal attorneys’ hourly rates vary based on the number of years of experience, the complexity of the project, turn-around time for completion and other factors. Some PowerUp Legal attorneys will also work on a flat fee basis.  If you propose a range of rates, a project budget or a set flat fee when submitting the project proposal, we will take that into account when choosing an attorney match.

PowerUp Legal never charges a fee to match you with any of its attorneys.

Do PowerUp Legal attorneys work onsite or remotely?

Again, that’s up to you. Our PowerUp Legal attorneys are flexible and are willing to work onsite – but are also fully equipped to work from remote locations, and are adept with cloud-based file sharing and law practice management tools.  Please indicate your preference for location when completing a match request.

How do PowerUp Legal attorneys avoid conflicts?

The Power Up Legal [insert form link] match request form [/A> asks about the identity of the parties involved in your matter. This information enables the PowerUp Legal attorney to perform a conflict check before accepting a project.   Alternatively, if a matter is particularly sensitive and you prefer not to disclose the parties’ identities to PowerUp Legal even with our strict confidentiality practices in place, we can move forward and match you with a suitable attorney to whom you could provide necessary information to run a conflicts check.

How do I pay the PowerUp Legal attorney who I’ve engaged?

After you have entered into a services agreement, PowerUp Legal will collect your electronic billing information. As the work is performed, the PowerUp Legal attorney will provide you with a link to a password protected time sheet on the PowerUp Legal website. If you do not object to the attorney’s hours within 36 hours, we will collect payment automatically from the billing information on file.

PowerUp Legal understands that detailed lawyer invoices may contain confidential information. To ensure the confidentiality of the information contained in your freelance lawyer’s invoice, your invoice page is protected by a password that is not shared with PowerUpLegal

What if I need more than one Power Up Legal Attorney?

PowerUp Legal can assemble a team of lawyers to work on a project.  In coming months, we plan to add paralegals, junior staff attorneys and project managers to provide cost-effective support for our attorney teams.

I’m in-house counsel at an energy company. Why should I hire a PowerUp Legal Attorney instead of a law firm?

For many routine regulatory and compliance matters, PowerUp Legal is a more cost-effective solution than law firms because we assign experienced attorneys to handle your matter without running up your bill.

I work for a regional energy law firm - won’t PowerUp Legal compete with the services that my firm provides?

Not at all!  Instead, PowerUp Legal can make your firm more competitive by giving you access to qualified attorneys who can staff larger projects or handle matters in other jurisdictions that your firm would otherwise turn away. PowerUp Legal attorneys can help with marketing too, by preparing affordably-priced, high quality whitepapers, reports and in-depth articles that a small firm may not have the time to prepare but that serve as effective marketing tools.